A new generation of car rental for every one

Haup, the first carsharing platform in Thailand, welcomes new chapter

to become HAUP partners. Any car with HAUPTECH can be reserved and

unlocked 24 hours. Just install and manage your car sharing to thousands

of cars with in your fingertips.

We are the platform for all purposes of car sharing

With our car sharing technology, you can instantly launch the suitable service for

your businesses or earn more money with our cars. Whether you plan to launch


carsharing for your residential project, automate your corporate fleet, local car-rental,


or rent out your own cars, you can use Haup technology to suit your needs

All you need is simply a smartphone. 

We manage the rest.

You have a brilliant idea for your ultimate business.


Make your plan possible right away by simply starting with your own smartphone.


Haupcar will manage the rest for you from the beginning.


Sit back and see your business runs.

Don't worry. Everything is in your control

You are able to monitor your cars status, look up all specifics details and track your car


position and see your real-time earning simply via HAUP platform on your smartphone. 

Get a car at BTS
and Airport

128/403 37Flr. Phayathai Plaza, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400

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